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Rach And… self promotion on the internet

on May 10, 2012

*** warning shameless plug ahead***

In an attempt to play with putting photos in my blog (which, just quietly, is pretty hard!)  for my uni assignment I thought I’d talk about how tools such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can allow people to run a business from home. Isn’t it handy that I’m an amateur wedding photographer and I can use myself as an example?!

It’s more of a side thing for me and started when a friend was doing a wedding on a budget and thought it would be great to take advantage of my newspaper photography skills in her wedding. Heck I’ve done enough birthday/anniversary/school fetes/country shows to say I can at least put together a decent photo, wrangle a group of people together for a picture and be astute enough to make sure power lines in the background aren’t sprouting out of the photo subjects heads!

My plan is to use this blog to showcase my work and expand as word spreads. I’m not the only wedding photographer (I’ll use this term loosely as there are many other photographers who are much more skilled in this area) to use this idea. In fact, for many brides this is how they choose their photographer. A comprehensive website/blog and corresponding Facebook/Twitter/YouTube channel is a must in a world where everything is Googled. I’m at the age where many of my friends are getting married and without fail, these girls are finding their wedding location, reception venue, caterers, cake makers, dresses and photographers online. Much frustration is expressed by my friends when there is no function package online, no pictures, poor contact details and so on.

Laughingly, I’m now obsessed with searching photographers, wedding make up, dresses and function packages, despite not being engaged. My cousin has fuelled an addiction while asking my opinion. I’m also feeling the narky bride gene when websites, blogs and function packages aren’t up to scratch. Dread to imagine how bad I’ll be when it comes to my time to wear the white dress!

Photographers who do something like this – http://jadenorwoodphotographyblog.com/archives/1041 They not only allow the bride and groom to share the photos and build the brand of the photographer through word-of-mouth, but they also provide fodder for a future bride hunting for her photographer! With that argument, why haven’t I done this sooner?!

So while this is a point I’ve made several times now, I’m actually seeing the ramifications in real time as a business doesn’t have an adequate online presence. An example was my recommendation of a friend who does wedding make up to my cousin, a quick scan of my friend’s Facebook page Luminous by Danielle led to a happy future bride and a wedding make up booking. All without speaking on the phone or meeting in person. Danielle is a great example of running her own little side venture and generating work via social media and word-of-mouth, with the wedding season months making for some very busy weekends.

And finally, here’s the shameless plug I promised in photos from a wedding I’ve done:


One response to “Rach And… self promotion on the internet

  1. Steph says:

    Awesome work!!! xx

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